How it Works

Getting started as an Errand Owner

The process of getting started on this site is easy and fast.

Unsure how much to charge or bid? Click here for price guidelines.

Post Your Errand

Breeze through your to-do list and tell us about what you need to get done. Post as many errands as you want.

Name your Price or Review Bidding

Watch as the offers roll in and agree on a suitable price. See our pricing section below for some tips.

Friendly Help is on it’s Way!

Zero in on our shortlist and use our review system and direct messaging platform to select the right person for you.

Make Secure Payment

Use our site to make a secure payment via PayPal. Once you are happy the Errand is complete we will release the funds. It’s as simple as that.

Payments to Errand Champion

It’s free to join and to post as many errands as you like.

Unsure how much to charge or bid? Click here for price guidelines.

It’s up to you how much you pay or get paid – agree on a suitable price for Errand Completion. A flat 10% of each Errand Price is reserved for our Service Fee.

How do you get started as an Errand Champion?

Select the Errand Right for You

Browse through the wide range of errands and zero in on the ones that match your skills and experience.

Begin Bidding and Agree on Price

Talk directly to Errand Owners to thrash out any details. Errand Champion will notify you on selection and assign you to the errand.

Complete the Errand and Let us Know

Don’t worry, Errand Champion will hold the agreed payment and release the payment once the errand has been completed.

Get Paid

Watch the Cash Roll in.

How should I decide my Errand Price?

A good payment should benefit both the owner and the Errand Champion. Consider the following:


Scope and effort needed to bring this errand to completion.


The distance between the errand location and the Errand Champion will also influence the payment. Travel costs should be reflected in the price.


The time taken to complete the errand is also an important factor to consider when setting the price.


What skillsets are needed for the job? The more specialized the skills, the higher the price. Use of equipment like heavy industrial machinery and power tools will also raise the price.