FAQ (Errand Owners)
When an errand is posted on Errand Champion, it is visible to all Errand Champs in the marketplace. They will see it and contact you if they think it is suitable for them. Here is where you will interview them on skills, experience and expected timeline to completion. Remember making these enquiries does not obligate you to engage the Champ. Looking at their profile will help you decide if the particular Errand Champ is the best one for you.
A clear and open communication channel is essential for a great relationship. Communication is possible through our private email system, on the job post and your official contacts as well.
Your account is free to operate and that includes posting errands. When you have found the right Errand Champ, and you have agreed on the fees you will pay, you will access the website’s secure payment system where you can post your payment in an Errand Champion Trust Account. These funds will sit here until the errand is completed whereby they will be released to the Errand Champ with your approval.
Errand Champion advocates for a speedy resolution to disputes for the benefit of all parties. Where the errand is not completed or the works have stalled, the errand can be renegotiated by both parties to come to another agreeable deal. If it is not possible, then the Errand Champ can use the available options on the website to cancel the errand. This done, the held funds will revert to the owner who will then repost the errand as ‘Open’.
With the thousands of Champion Workers in our website, it will be rare that you will not find Errand Champs for your errand. Maybe your instructions are not clear, or maybe your expectations are unattainable or that you could be offering very low pay as compared to the industry standards. If you need further information, feel free to contact us for guidance.
Once the Errand Champ has completed the errand and to your satisfaction, he/she will have to log on to his/her Errand Champion account and click on the ‘Request Payment’ button. You will then find the ‘Release Funds’ button and click on it as the Errand Owner. Once this is done, the Errand Champ receives his/her payment and the deal is complete from either way.
The payment we support as at now is a single payment for each errand. This means that you and your Errand Champ will have to outline a deal that brings forth a total payment for a complete errand. This will or will not include your calculations based on the hourly wage. Any way you negotiate with your Errand Champ, agree on a single payment figure.

No there aren’t. Errand Champion does not set the fees for services rendered or asked for. Being an open marketplace, you and your Errand Champ will discuss and come up with a figure that is agreeable with both parties. Giving a good payment in consideration of the market standards in your area is your best bet for a good worker.

You can work with a figure that is close to the local wage average for the type offer and that you are hiring for $20 to $25 an hour is a good reference point. Studying job posts for errands similar to yours could also point you towards the average wage cost per hour for the job.

This website supports almost all of the errands that there are. If you need to double check, refer to the Terms and Conditions to make sure your errand is supported. These conditions are made to keep the operations of this website on the right side of the law and also for the safety of all the parties concerned. Some of the errands you can post include:

  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Phone repairs etc

We will endeavor to provide you with all the right people to complete your errands. For more information regarding errands, errand completion and payments, look at our website or contact us with the information provided on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Setting up the payments is an easy process. You will need to have an active PayPal account from which you will make your payment to the website’s account. You will log into your Dashboard on the Errand Champion website. Look for the ‘Settings’ button and click on it. When it opens, click on the ‘Make Payments’ button and follow the instructions to fill in your PayPal details. This done, you will post the appropriate amount as agreed with the Errand Champ.

The first thing you have to do is to confirm that your payment details via PayPal are complete and updated. You only need to enter in your details once, and they will be saved for future jobs transactions. By this time, your errand is open to be viewed by everybody. You will now receive offers from interested Errand Champs. Your task will be to select the best offer from the many offers made.

Once you have assigned the task, you will deposit the payment in the Errand Champion Trust Account. Upon successful completion of the errand, you will authorize the release of the funds to the service provider.

FAQ (Errand Champions)
Yes it is possible. When an Errand Owner feels that an errand should be withdrawn, he will inform the Errand Champ that the errand is cancelled. If it had not been assigned by the time of cancellation, the process is simple as the owner will open the Errand Champion account, find the ‘My Account ‘ tab, then the ‘Edit’ tab and finally cancel or update the errand as the case may be.
The Errand Champions website performs a marketing role for you when you open an account and post your skills and experience in completion of certain tasks. Your profile where you list all these will be a very effective marketing tool. You need to get your profile right from the word go so that it is visible and understandable. Another marketing tool is the reviews and ratings. When you complete a job, the Errand Owner will review your work and it will be out in the open. It will be upon you to put in the needed quality, skill, experience, and to complete the errands to the posters’ expectations so that you get a good review and a good rating as well.
Errand Champions will deduct a 10% fee on all payments made as a result of errands that are posted on our website, Errand Champs found and errands completed through this site’s input. This is an administrative fee to cover website maintenance costs, staff costs and a small mark up. Remember that this is a service where you will find errands waiting to be worked on every time you open your free Errand Champions account.
As the person receiving payment, you will be fully responsible for your tax obligations. There is no standard practice as each country and territory may have its own specific guidelines. You will need to study these guidelines so that you stay on the right side of the law. What you can do is contact a tax expert who is familiar with your local laws to give you the right procedure of filing your income.
At the time when you will be working on the errand, the Errand owner will have deposited your agreed payment in a trust account with Errand Champions. Once the errand is complete, you will click on the ‘Request Payment’ button on your account. This will notify the Errand Owner that the errand is complete; with his/her approval the funds will be released. Once the Errand Owner approves your payment request, the funds will be credited to your bank account or to your PayPal account.
Errand Champion will hold your payment until you have completed the errand before releasing the funds to you. The only way you may not receive your funds is where you have changed your payment details, either your PayPal account or your bank account and you have not updated the same changes on your Errand Champion account. Keeping your payment details updated at all times will ensure that all your payments get to your account immediately the Errand Owner releases your payment.
After you have negotiated to an acceptable payment for the errand on which you had made an offer, the Errand Owner will not be looking for any more Errand Champs. S/he will therefore mark the errand as ‘Assigned’. This will show all the other interested Errand Champs that the errand is no longer ‘Open’. It will then be your responsibility to meet your part of the bargain by embarking on works to make the errand complete. When the errand is assigned to you, the Errand Owner will send funds to the Errand Champion Trust Account to await completion of the task.
Your profile is what the Errand Owners will see when they are looking for Errand Champs, or when they are responding to your offer to carry out their errands. You will have to fill it out in full and concisely. This will make it easy for the Errand Owners when they look at your profile. The first thing you will have to do is post a current image of yourself which will be clear and a good representation of your current looks. You will then fill in the relevant payment information that will be used to send over your payment to your PayPal. You will also fill out your location, your date of birth and your current billing address.
When your account is opened, and you have filled in your details, you need to embark on a search for errands that you can complete for pay. First, you will look for the ‘Browse Tasks’ button and click on it. Here you will find all the posted errands that are still without Errand Champ working on them. They will all be marked ‘Open’. Then select an errand that you know you can complete to the Errand Owner’s satisfaction and make an offer on it. After this, all you will need to do is to wait for the Errand Owners to consider your offer together with those from other Errand Champs that he/she will have received. If your offer is satisfactory, you will be contacted either with an acceptance, or with questions to ascertain your ability to complete the task on time and as per the agreement.
General FAQs
Errand Champions endeavor to provide the best payment systems as far as efficiency, security and safety of the Errand Owners’ and Errand Champs’ funds are concerned. We have taken all the necessary measures to ensure that the payment system through PayPal and through bank transfers maintains the integrity of the accounts of all players in this marketplace. Everybody concerned should be assured of our security commitment. Your personal information is also held in utmost secrecy and security to ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands.
We believe in an honest pay for an honest effort in errand completion. While we endeavor to provide the service without any problems, this is not the case sometimes. Please look at our dispute resolution policy in detail in the Terms and Conditions.
Errand Champions believe in integrity and the adherence to best practices. Apart from the 10% fee for all payments, we do not charge any other fees for your services. The 10% fee covers all the necessary payments required of us. What you see is what you get. Whether you are an Errand Owner or an Errand Champ, you can be assured that Errand Champion will not have any hidden charges whatsoever.